Operation Speed Racer

I have recently stumbled onto an opportunity to acquire another z80 computer.  This is not a homemade computer, but rather a commercial variant.  I’m not releasing the details just yet.  However, I have decided it is worth it to update the community as to the nature of the operation.

I’m calling it Operation Speed Racer because I’m going to be running short on time, and need to meet the individual to grab this computer before he/she decides to let it go to someone else.  From what I can gather he/she has been sitting on it for a while, and is ready to be rid of it.  But the price that they’re letting it go for is ridiculously low.  The big part of the transaction is the drive.  I have to drive several hours away to pick up the computer.  But luckily, the current owner has acknowledged that I’m willing to drive several hours away to acquire what he has.  Let just hope that doesn’t work against me when I get there (read: price jump).

Either way, the operation is a go and I will be spending about 5 hours of the day driving over to meet with the current owner and coming back before I’ll have any additional information to post.  Of course, this all comes after I spend over half the day working at my day job (Clients always have issues).  And that doesn’t include the time I must spend once I get back examining the equipment and determining the condition.  So all things considered, I will likely not have any detailed information until later into the weekend or early next week.

However, I will make sure that I reveal the identity of the computer once the mission is successful.  But until then, I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch. You’ll have to wait to confirm that I do in fact have them in my possession.  But here is to a great Vintage Computing weekend.

Stay Posted.

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