TinyBASIC 2.5g Patch 01 to be released

Thanks to Travis Hall, another bug has been discovered.  This time concerning the ‘CTRL-O’ functionality.  The good news, it wasn’t my fault.  Unfortunately neither Dr. Wang or Roger Rauskolb had the foresight for the commonality of SRAM over DRAM.  Nor SRAM’s uncanny ability to start up with garbage in memory.  So, we had to add a single line of code into the INIT routine so that an initial value is written to the OCSW switch.  The code, as it should be written is below:

LD D,03H                  ;3X LINE FEEDS

You can patch your code if you’d like, but I will be uploading a patched version once I get a chance to sit down and update the website to include a downloads page.  Until then, plug this code in, and recompile.

Please continue to report any bugs that you may find.  Future users will appreciate it.

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