Website Update, and Other News…

It’s been a while since I have been able to update the website.  That has mostly been due to the holidays, but also general problems of being an adult, like work…

But, fear not. I have managed to make a few updates this evening.  There is now a downloads section available by using the main menu at the top of the site.  Also, I’ve added tabs for Links, as well as condensed the Store into a tab where the cart and the checkout can be accessed.

I’ve worked on the downloads page to the point that I think it is functional.  It looks ugly to me, but it serves it’s purpose.  Maybe I need some nifty graphics or something…

I’ve got to finish working on the TinyBASIC source.  It has been brought to my attention that there is another issue with it, although it is not something that I have toyed with.  So I’m not sure where it went broken.  The average user will probably not notice it, but if you are trying to use programs found on the web, you may run into problems were it concerns the syntax.

I received a batch of boards for the N8VEM SBC V2, and some Harlequin 48k boards.  I may be offering some of those in the store before long.  I would like to build them first to make sure the boards came out as expected.

I am working on building a N8VEM SBC V2.  I am currently waiting on parts from Mouser.  Their website said that the parts would leave their warehouse 3:30hrs after I ordered 3 days ago, and I received an email this morning stating that they would likely be shipped today. And, they would send me an email when they had shipped.  It’s now 9:30pm and that email has not arrived.  Broken promises….  But I’ll get a blog post, maybe a video, of that up as soon as it’s complete.  I also have an 8-slot ECB backplane on the way from John Coffman.  It’s the 167mm version of that board, so I am really looking forward to getting this setup.  I plan on putting this system into a 19″ 5U rack mount enclosure.  Along with a front panel that displays address, data, and status lights.  I am thinking something along the lines of the Magic-1 as seen here:

I’m also, as we speak, printing up an enclosure for my N8VEM Zeta SBC V2, and the ParPortProp board.  Thats more of a work in progress.  But I may get a few pictures up as soon as it looks halfway decent.  I’m no artist, especially when it concerns 3D objects.  But I try.

So here is to making 2018 a great year!!!

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