Upcoming Review – JLCPCB

I was recently pointed to the Fab House JLCPCB, which is another cheap PCB fabricating service out of China. Seeing as they have some really good deals on their website I decided to order a batch of PCBs for review.

Typically I order my PCBs from Elecrow (a service that deserves its own review, I really love this company). But I think a side by side comparison would be beneficial. And as such, I will be doing this as soon as the boards come in. They’re currently being finished and will be shipped via the 2-Day DHL service. But, it would appear that they have made a mistake, as they started over in the production, they have a time stamped log of the boards as they’re being produced. It will be interesting to note the quality of the boards versus the Elecrow boards.

I had hoped to have the boards by this weekend. But, it looks as though I will have to wait until next week. As soon as I get the boards in the mail I will get pictures, and start comparing the two services.

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