Community Group on Facebook

Thats right!  First it was a Facebook Page, now we have set up a community group!

The idea behind this Group, as well as the Page, is to initiate more dialog between fans of the Website, YouTube Channel, and owners of the G80-S Micro.  Really!  I like talking to others who have the same interests!  I’ve called members at their request and talked them through problems with their computers.  I’ve help others port software over to computers of their own design.  And I have helped with all types of requests via email.  I truly enjoy having so many great people to support and follow my experience in electronics and vintage computing.  If not for you, this site would not exist.

And because of that, I want to talk more about projects, interests, and electronics.  And I want to invite you all to talk with each other about your interests!  And that is the intent of the Facebook Page and Group.

Below is a link.  But if for some reason the link eventually dies, just look for the Page on Facebook, and the group is added to it’s menu.  I look forward to talking to you all!

RetroDepot Community

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