Lee Hart’s 6502 Badge

Lee Hart, the creator of various DIY Computer Kits (such at the z80 Membership Card, the 1802 Membership Card, and the VCF COSMAC ELF),  has done it again.  This time with his 40th Anniversary MOS 6502 VCF Badge.

Selling for the low price of $5 for a bare board on his website (with free shipping in the US), this board is designed as a complete system.  It sports a 32K of ROM, 32K of RAM, TTL Serial Port, and an LED Display.  On the software side of things, Lee has managed to put not only a machine code monitor onto the system, but also a copy of Enhanced Basic.  This computer is definitely on the list of ones to acquire, and potentially review.

But if you do not want to have to chase down parts, Lee does offer the computer in true kit for, including all of the required components.  Also a Deluxe Kit, which includes all of the components as well as a USB to TTL Serial Adapter, a 3x rechargeable AAA batteries, a battery holder, and a clip for wearing it on your shirt.   These other two options for an increased price, obviously.

I’ve reached out to Lee to get the low down on this computer.  However, I have to wonder if he is still recovering from VCF, as he has not returned my email at this time.  But once I get a copy in hand, and get it built, I will plan on posting and uploading a video demonstrating it’s use.

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