Here are various downloads concerning the different projects that you’ll find on this site.  They are arranged in a way that they should be fairly easy to find.  But if there is something you’re looking for and cannot find, shoot me an email, and I’ll see if find what you’re looking for.


G80-S Downloads
Here are the files of interest concerning the G80-S Micro Computer.  Design/Gerbers are not being shared at this time.  However, the schematic is being shared, as can be seen below.  That along with the software should allow anyone wanting to recreate this board at home the ability to do so.  If you prefer to purchase a PCB, I usually have them in stock in my web store.

G80-S Schematic
G80-S ROM v0.50b

G80-S ROM v0.45t

G80-S ROM v0.25b
G80-S TinyBASIC 2.5.0g
G80-S TinyBASIC 2.0g


TinyBASIC Downloads
Here are the files relevant to TinyBASIC.  There is no point in duplicating the links for the G80-S version of this software, see that section instead.

TinyBASIC v2.5.0g
TinyBASIC v2.0g


Kaypro II Downloads
Not much here, currently only the Roadrunner v1.5 ROM.

Kaypro II Roadrunner v1.5 ROM Dump