G80-S Computer

The G80-S is a project started at the beginning of the second quarter of 2017.  However, was truly in the works for several years as I developed the understanding required to design a fully functional z80 computer.

The design consists of a CPU, 32k RAM, 32k ROM, Dual Serial Ports at 57.6k Baud, and 3x 8-bit I/O ports.  The design also allows for expansion either through the breakout of the z80 bus, or the I/0 provided by the 8255.

Software currently consists of a machine code monitor, as well as a ported and revised version of TinyBASIC.  The Machine code monitor allows for viewing or modifying the memory of the machine, the ability to read or write to/from IO ports, a Hex transfer utility, and a memory clearing routine.  The version of TinyBASIC used is a modified version of 2.0, called TinyBASIC 2.5g.  It is a very powerful version that allows for In/Out, Peek/Poke, Delay, and CLS routines.  FAT File System routines are currently under development for use through the 8255 I/O and an SD card.  However, the design is not near completion, and will likely be released some time down the road.

Boards are currently available through the RetroDepot.net Web Store.