G80-S Prototyping PCB


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This PCB is designed for prototyping circuits with the G80-S Micro Computer.  The great thing about the G80-S Micro is that it has routines in both the monitor as well as in BASIC to allow you to input and output to ports and memory.

This means you can build circuits, and test code in real time.  Or, write the code in Assembly, and upload by means of the G80-S Computer’s built in HEX Loading Utility.

These board have breakouts for the z80 BUS, the PIO ports, and footprints for a Micro SD card and 3.3v voltage regulator (AMS1117). These boards are compatible with both the Beta and v1.0 PCBs.

To build this board you’ll need the following components:

2x – 4.7uF 1206 Capacitors
1x – 1k 0805 Resistor
1x – Micro SD Connector (Cheap ones from eBay)
1x – 3mm LED (Red)
1x – AMS1117 or equivalent
1x – 40-Pin Female Header (20×2 – Extra-Tall Preferred)
1x – 26-Pin Female Header (13×2 – Extra-Tall Preferred)

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